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You’re probably singing that well-known theme song right now, don’t you? The introduction is so long that you can complete several quick activities before it is finished. Even while Game of Thrones wasn’t perfect, it provided us with an iconic setting and some amazing characters and events.

And the GOT universe isn’t done with us yet, much to the excitement (or worry) of many. Dragons, adventure, dramatic speeches, cruelty, and other fantastical elements abound in this universe. Although Game of Thrones (GOT) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it will be interesting to watch if the spin-off series learns from its predecessor’s mistakes—as the series progressed, the nudity, violent sex scenes, and sexual violence turned off many former fans.

Although the ending of Game of Thrones left some viewers feeling hurt, we’re nonetheless being very cautious in our enthusiasm for these new shows. Things to know about a spin-off from GOT.

«What are the prospects? Blood and fire!» «And dragons!»

On the following Game of Thrones (GoT) prequel, House of the Dragon, which plunges onto HBO on August 21, that is showrunner Ryan Condal and creator George RR Martin. It will impart numerous similitudes to the first Game of Thrones, the perpetually fight-filled dream epic that rose to become one of the most famous TV programs ever.

In any case, the people who are as yet frustrated at the combative season eight end will need to be aware: Is it advantageous to commit their time and feelings to one more gathering of tricky competitors for the Iron Throne?

For you to shape your own viewpoints, this is the thing we found about the series on Saturday when the entertainers and makers at Comic-Con San Diego divulged an extended trailer.

It’s a family affair, much like Cersei and Jaime’s.

 A good family with the ability to tame legendary monsters, the Targaryens are the point of convergence of House Of The Dragon, which is set 200 years before Game Of Thrones. It relies upon George R. R. Martin’s 2018 book Fire and Blood, in which the Targaryens begin the most once again the-top horrendous cross-country struggle one could imagine.

As Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, King Viserys (Paddy Considine) possesses the Iron Throne, the riskiest seat in all of Westeros. Furthermore, apparently, the progression is serious.  The Stark and Lannister families, which predominated Game of Thrones, will primarily be minor characters. The Targaryen family is at the height of their success when we first encounter them. Oh, and they ride the 17 dragons they have.

Dragons are approaching.

Enthusiasts of Game of Thrones will recollect what Daenerys Targaryen, a predecessor of these characters and depicted by Emilia Clarke, achieved with three mythical serpents. Because of this, 17 presents a fascinating possibility and a potentially lethal weapon. Condal told the crowd in Hall H, the most prominent location at Comic-Con, «It was crucial to differentiate the way they behaved and acted and associated with their riders.» The rest was filled in after «George [RR Martin] defined their color, size, and age.» For instance, Caraxes, whose riders include Matt Smith’s former Doctor Who co-star Prince Daemon Targaryen, is known as the Blood Wyrm because of his cantankerous nature and general aggressiveness.

Evil and Good? Well, nobody is flawless.

Martin was questioned about what the ideal ruler of Westeros would look like by panel host and podcaster Jason Concepcion. Someone who sees being king as a responsibility rather than as a right, he responded. And is concerned about Kings Landing’s road construction and sanitation!

Highlights and High Valerian

The Targaryen family speaks High Valerian as their native dialect, as mythical linguists will likely recall. The cast answered, «Milly [Alcock] is the best!» when asked who had grasped it. Paddy Considine laughed,

«I had one line, I believe it’s been cut!»

before shockingly rehashing it. What different parts go into making a Targaryen? The hairpiece is the key, pronounces Emma D’Arcy. Can a woman rule? One final piece from the trailer: We’ll meet Princess Rhaenyra as she battles against the way she fears has been spread out for her as a mother and inactive court decoration. A lady wouldn’t acquire the Iron Throne since that is the manner in which things work, warns Princess Rhaenys Velaryon (Eve Best), who was passed over for the position of the queen in favor of her cousin Viserys. The younger woman responds,

«I will establish a new order when I am queen.» (Will this prohibit the use of names for close relatives that are so perplexingly similar? We can hope…)

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